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Canberra restaurants: takeaway in lockdown

The bad news is lockdown. But the good news is that many of Canberra’s top restaurants are offering takeaway meals during lockdown. So, patrons will continue to be spoilt for choice for fine dining in the capital and environs. Takeaway is available from some very popular eateries, including Mawson’s Okami (Japanese); Weston Creek’s Croatian restaurant, Maestral; Acton’s Monster Kitchen & Bar; Braddon’s EightySix, and Italian & Sons; and, Civic’s Bar Rochford.  … Read more.

Julia Banks in conversation with Virginia Haussegger

Former member for the federal seat of Chisholm (2016-2019), Julia Banks, recently spoke with academic-journalist, Virginia Haussegger at ANU’s Kambri Centre, about politics, parliament, and her book, Power Play. Ms Banks recited details of her 2018 departure from the Liberal Party when she became an Independent, and the orchestrated campaign against her from Liberal conservatives which caused her considerable stress.  … Read more.

George Browning at MCH event

The latest book of George Browning (Anglican Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn – 1993-2008), Not Helpful: Tales from a Truth Teller, examines power structures related to whistle blowers, inequality and climate. Addressing these issues through biography and anecdote, it covers Bishop Browning’s episcopate in Brisbane (1985-1993), and in Canberra. Bishop Browning recently talked about many of his concerns about contemporary times and the misuse of power, which he has outlined in his book, at a Manning Clark House function at All Saints Anglican Hall in Ainslie.  … Read more.

The Waste Between Our Ears

Queanbeyan-based writer, researcher and advocate, Gerry Gillespie, has recently written The Waste Between Our Ears, a book outlining ways to rethink rubbish disposal. “[We need]…to think differently about discarded materials – about how to focus on their economic value rather than on how they simply are waste. To do this, you will need to be able to put your mind in a different place”, says its Foreword.  … Read more.

FLORIADE: Re-imagined

With 2020’s Floriade held across Canberra rather than at its usual venue of Commonwealth Park, many Canberrans have been able to enjoy colourful displays of magnificent blooms in their local areas. Weston Creek is one such beneficiary and FLORIADE: Re-imagined in Trenerry Square has added a much-appreciated splash of colour. This “new” Floriade is perhaps akin (though on a much smaller scale) to Toowoomba’s annual Carnival of Flowers where residents and tourists can enjoy a wide range of events across Toowoomba, including chances to visit spectacular private and public garden displays and the iconic street parade and food and wine stalls.  … Read more.

Professor Ron McCallum at 1RPH lunch

Named the 2011 Senior Australian of the Year and with many other awards and accolades, Professor Ron McCallum AO, recently spoke about his memoir, Born At The Right Time, at a radio for the print handicapped (1RPH) lunch at Canberra’s Ainslie Football Club. Having a distinguished career as a lawyer and academic, Professor McCallum was the first blind person to be appointed as Dean at an Australian University (Sydney University).  … Read more.

Book Introductions

Recently in his regular Weekend Australian Magazine article, broadcaster-journalist, Phillip Adams, cited some memorable openings from novels: “…Melville’s elemental ‘Call me Ishmael’; Austen’s elegant ‘It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune might be in want of a wife’;…Tolstoy’s ‘Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way’”.  … Read more.

27 July: National Pain Week

As anyone who has lived with chronic pain (classified as pain which lasts for three consecutive months or more) knows, living with ongoing pain can change one’s life from situations of being able to participate in a wide range of leisure and work activities, to experiences of excruciating pain, immobility, and a need to rely on others and make many lifestyle adjustments.  … Read more.

Canberra: open for business

Lava, Phillip, ACT

The owner of Lava Espresso café in Phillip, Lincoln Fairleigh, has set up the website Canberra Still Open “dedicated to supporting restaurants and cafes in the Canberra region”.

It’s an information hub about available eateries across the ACT and region, categorised under the headings: City, North Canberra, South Canberra, Tuggeranong, Woden, Weston Creek, Gungahlin, Belconnen Greater Region, and allows easy access to information on the cuisine, location and opening hours of a wide range of cafes and restaurants.  … Read more.

Williamson’s Family Values in Canberra

David Williamson’s Family Values

Staged in Canberra recently, David Williamson’s play, Family Values (Lee Lewis (director); Griffin Theatre Company) presented a mix of poignant and lighter moments, its wonderful cast laying bare some of Australia’s not-so-pleasant aspects about the treatment of refugees and boat people. Just to set the scene. Recently-retired 70-year-old federal court judge, Roger (Andrew McFarlane) clearly hopes to enjoy some birthday celebrations with his family including his lively (very much a “doctor’s-wife” type), Sue (Belinda Giblin).  … Read more.

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