The bad news is lockdown. But the good news is that many of Canberra’s top restaurants are offering takeaway meals during lockdown. So, patrons will continue to be spoilt for choice for fine dining in the capital and environs. Takeaway is available from some very popular eateries, including Mawson’s Okami (Japanese); Weston Creek’s Croatian restaurant, Maestral; Acton’s Monster Kitchen & Bar; Braddon’s EightySix, and Italian & Sons; and, Civic’s Bar Rochford. The Canberra Times journalist, Karen Hardy noted – “Takeaway from our best restaurants”, 17 August – that some restauranteurs are offering various menu, service and delivery options. Ross McQuinn from Pilot, in Ainslie, has taken advantage of having surplus takeaway containers from last year, while Andy Day from Rizla, Braddon, was geared up for takeaway before the lockdown started. Karen’s list includes: Aubergine, Griffith; Akiba, Civic; No Biggie Meals, Canberra; Lazy Su, Braddon; Rebel Rebel, New Acton; Mezzalira, City; Trencento, Manuka; Pronto, Queanbeyan; The RUC, Turner; Inka, City; Intra, Campbell; and Dumpling Social, Phillip. Offerings from The Chairman @ Home group ( include home-style Hong Kong dishes. See – What’s On – Food & Wine – for a comprehensive list.