Street library photoHaving been popular overseas for some time, street libraries are now dotting the landscape in many parts of Australia, including Canberra. Books covering many genres are offered free of charge, presented in a variety of containers, such as old fridges, filing or television cabinets or purpose-built cupboards. These mini libraries are a hub for borrowing or exchanging, with no charges, fines or need for a library card. Street libraries can foster communication and goodwill and provide networking opportunities in communities. And for depositors it’s reassuring to know that your precious books will be appreciated by other readers.

Kitchener Street, Hughes, boasts a rabbit-themed library featuring books such as Peter Rabbit, Watership Down, and Alice in Wonderland, while the Red Fridge library in Watson’s Molesworth Street tends to focus on crime fiction. Waramanga’s street libraries are in Nemarang Crescent, Garanya Street and Yambina Street. Steve McDonald established and runs the popular Nemarang Crescent library where many messages of support in the visitors’ book confirm the local community’s appreciation of this mini library. Check out Canberra’s street libraries: