Cats in Art Exhibition BraidwoodFor those who love art and cats and collecting prints, there’s been a great collection of vintage and contemporary images of cats at Braidwood’s fYREGALLERY. Gallery director, Cheryl Hannah’s collection includes litographs, linocuts, serigraphs, etchings and drypoint, from 30 international and Australian artists. Open until 15 April 2018, the exhibition is presented in association with Josef Lebovic of the Josef Lebovic Gallery, Sydney and Robert Newman, The Old Print Shop New York.

The exhibition has included the works of many artists including Will Barnett, Louis Wain, Francis Revesz-Ferryman, Marjorie Proctor-Brodsky, Karel Burrows, Lorna Nimmo, Phyllis Sloane, Marianne Courtenay, Tadashige Nishida, Charles Blackman, Bridget Farmer, Andy English, Satoko Hirano, Julia Mia Holmes, Nguyen Cao Ngufu, Suzanne Grobbel, Kent Ambler, Annie Day, Nicole Crosswell, Nick Patten and Aileen Maloney, Lora Shelley and Sue White.

fYREGALLERY: 84 Wallace Street, Braidwood.