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Julia Banks in conversation with Virginia Haussegger

Former member for the federal seat of Chisholm (2016-2019), Julia Banks, recently spoke with academic-journalist, Virginia Haussegger at ANU’s Kambri Centre, about politics, parliament, and her book, Power Play. Ms Banks recited details of her 2018 departure from the Liberal Party when she became an Independent, and the orchestrated campaign against her from Liberal Conservatives which caused her considerable stress.  … Read more.

Canberra Writers Festival

Highlights of the recent Canberra Writers Festival included:

shadow-game-book-coverSteve Lewis and Chris Uhlmann launching their book, The Shadow Game, the third in their trilogy of The Marmalade Files and The Mandarin Code. Set in Canberra and centring largely on journalist, Harry Dunkley, The Shadow Game, has been described by the Sunday Canberra Times as ‘House of Cards, Canberra style’; 

Sydney barrister, Mark Tedeschi QC, chatting with Canberra journalist, Robert Macklin, about how he fits researching/writing into his busy schedule.  … Read more.

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