This year’s Dymphna Clark Lecture “The Politics of Civility” will be presented by The Guardian’s political reporter and blogger, Amy Remeikis. The author of the bestselling book, On Reckoning, and a regular contributor on The Drum, Insiders, The Project, and various ABC Radio National programs, in this presentation, Amy will discuss who “gets a seat at the table”, “has the power to speak”, gets their views heard and has the power to deem who can be included. The answer is that it’s often about those who are prepared to be “polite” and “follow the rules”. To play the civility game perhaps. Yet, other people with worthwhile views and contributions to make, are not “at the table”, excluded for “using the wrong language” or being “too rude”, “too emotional”, “too angry” or “too immature”, with the result that the very changes that are needed, do not come to fruition because those voices are not heard. Event details: 6-7.30pm, Tuesday 15 November, Cinema, Kambri Cultural Precinct, ANU: