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Canberra Now

Canberra is a unique city, built more in a hurry post 1950 than incrementally which perhaps happened with other Australian cities.


Canberra does not a CBD similar to other Australian cities with their tightly-packed historical buildings. It does not have the wall-to-wall funky shops of Melbourne’s Brunswick or Coburg with their eclectic mix of nationalities, cultures, apparel and foods, Sydney’s glamorous beaches and harbourside attractions, Brisbane’s warm climate and riverside life or other attractions unique to other Australian cities.  … Read more.

Earlier-Days Canberra

When Australia’s provisional parliament house was opened in 1927 in Canberra, by all accounts the ceremony took place in empty paddocks amid scenes of grazing sheep and dogs sniffing at dignitaries’ legs. Over the years, the city’s growth patterns fluctuated and during the 1930s Depression and World War II eras, building and other activities slowed down considerably.  … Read more.

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