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For health consumers

Led by Executive Director, Darlene Cox, the Health Care Consumers’ Association of the ACT represents the interests of people needing to access ACT hospitals and health, medical and associated services. The HCCA calls on the unique expertise of consumers whose “lived experience” means that they are well placed to raise issues about Canberra’s health system with relevant policy makers and governments and therefore help to improve health services.  … Read more.

Chronic pain

Figures show that one in five Australians suffer from chronic pain, with that number rising to one in three among people aged 65 years. Pain sufferers often have similar stories to tell about having to come to terms with being in pain, irrespective of its cause. Many people will have had myriad doctors’ consultations and investigatory procedures including scans, ultrasounds, MRIs, CT scans and x-rays, often with no real answers about how the pain might be remedied.  … Read more.

Keeping fit

Canberra and surrounds are ideal for walking and cycling as the publications below show.

  … Read more.

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