show grounds timor leste embassy, located in Canberra ACT

Timor Leste Embassy in Canberra

Canberra Friends of Dili (CFD) recently farewelled the retiring Ambassador to Australia, Abel Guterres, at the Timor Leste Embassy in Deakin. For many years, Abel and his wife, Ana, have worked tirelessly to assist people in Timor Leste, and with their support, Canberra Friends of Dili have held regular fund-raising events, including that to establish and provide ongoing assistance to the Permatil School Garden in Bidau-Masau.

The CFD has organised donations of English dictionaries and thesaurus books for distribution to Timor Leste communities, and CFD members and supporters are strongly supportive of other groups’ work for this small nation.

The Embassy hosts many events and guest speakers including representatives of the Bairo Pite Clinic in Dili which provides health and medical assistance to Timor Leste communities.