ABC radio provides great daytime listening but Nightlife and Overnights programs are musts for night owls and favourites of many people including truck drivers, shift workers and people who may be socially isolated.

Presented for many years on week nights from 10pm by Tony Delroy, Nightlife is now fronted by Philip Clark. The show includes Quizzes, talkback, music and interviews/discussions covering a vast array of topics including employment, health, motoring, literature, films, theatre and travel.

Trevor Chappell hosts Overnights (Mon-Thur 2.00am-5.30am), with Rod Quinn taking over Friday-Sunday mornings. Quizzes, expert opinion, music, talkback, discussions and interviews centre on a range of issues such as politics and current affairs. In Sunday morning’s Spot On The Map, Rod takes listeners to many places around Australia, often to little-known villages well off the beaten track.