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Canberra to Bundanoon

Less than two hours’ drive from Canberra and nestled in the hills of the NSW Southern Highlands, Bundanoon (population 2,729), is in the Wingecarribee Shire and on Gandangarra and Dharawal lands. Formerly known as Jordan’s Crossing, Bundanoon’s Aboriginal name means “place of deep gullies”. The town’s Scottish ambience is an apt backdrop for tree-lined streets, historic sandstone buildings, lush green foliage and rainforests, cherry blossoms and delightful cafes, eateries, gift shops, and practical offerings of a butchery, grocery store, and newsagency.  … Read more.

Canberra Modern: Events

Having wide-ranging expertise in archaeology, museums, cultural heritage, interior design and heritage management, Canberra Modern’s team have a genuine love for our young city. The Canberra Modern team is keen to showcase some of Canberra’s architectural features which are legacies of the capital’s 1920s and 1950s-1960s boom times and growth. Representing major developments in residential, civic and community buildings, these structures showcase the work of the various architects whose innovative designs were pioneers of the modernist movement.  … Read more.

Treaty presentation at MCH

A presentation by human rights lawyer and Sydney’s University of Technology academic, Dr Harry Hobbs, will make the start of Manning Clark House’s 2022 events program. Specialising in Indigenous legal issues, Dr Hobbs will focus on Indigenous treaty-making, including the importance of a treaty, what a treaty could look like, how it might be negotiated and how it would fit into the Uluru Statement from the Heart.  … Read more.

Farewell to Timor Leste Ambassador

Canberra Friends of Dili along with guests from across Canberra and the diplomatic corps recently took the opportunity to farewell the outgoing Timor Leste Ambassador, Abel Guterres and his wife, Ana Guterres. Dining at the Forrest Bowls Club, everyone expressed their appreciation and said “thank you” to Abel, Ana and their family, who for many years, worked very hard, and also generously hosted functions at the Timor Leste Embassy for their friends and supporters.  … Read more.

Manning Clark House: Future Generations Wellbeing (Wales)

Queanbeyan-based writer, researcher, advocate and pioneer of the organics resource industry, Gerry Gillespie, recently discussed the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, with former Welsh Minister for Environment and Sustainability, Jane Davidson, at Manning Clark House. The lead proponent in ensuring the Act’s passage through the Welsh parliament, Jane Davidson is now Pro Is-Ganghellor/Pro Vice-Chancellor Emeritus, University of Wales.  … Read more.

Ulruru Statement from the Heart: Event at MCH

Professor Megan Davis (Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous and Professor of Law, University of NSW, and Balnaves Chair in Constitutional Law), will be presenting (via Zoom), this year’s Dymphna Clark lecture – The promise of the Uluru Statement from the Heart: The past, the present and future of First Nations Australia – at Manning Clark House, 6pm, 13 October.  … Read more.

Julia Baird’s Phosphorescence

In her beautifully-written, thoughtful book, Phosphorescence, renowned author and journalist, Dr Julia Baird, describes her love for ocean swimming, the magic properties of water, and her quest for lightness. She notes that prayer, meditation, and taking advantage of life’s simple pleasures, have helped her through some very dark days of illness and other difficulties.  … Read more.

Kitty’s 488 Rules

Acclaimed Actor, comedian and writer, Kitty Flanagan, lays down some ground rules in her very amusing 488 Rules for Life, inspired by Jordan Peterson’s bestseller 12 Rules for Life. Kitty has taken her brief further – she has 12 rules for the bathroom alone. Her wise thoughts are those with which many of us agree, and include tips for the home, office, celebrations, food, dating, language, lifestyle, parenting, sport, technology and travel.  … Read more.

Lockdown in Canberra

Feelings of being claustrophobic, shut in, or cooped up, during lockdown, are bound to fray even the most even of tempers. Strains on people’s mental and physical health become evident, as we long for “everything to be back to normal” (though just what is “normal” now?) But there are the positives.  … Read more.

Canberra restaurants: takeaway in lockdown

The bad news is lockdown. But the good news is that many of Canberra’s top restaurants are offering takeaway meals during lockdown. So, patrons will continue to be spoilt for choice for fine dining in the capital and environs. Takeaway is available from some very popular eateries, including Mawson’s Okami (Japanese); Weston Creek’s Croatian restaurant, Maestral; Acton’s Monster Kitchen & Bar; Braddon’s EightySix, and Italian & Sons; and, Civic’s Bar Rochford.  … Read more.

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